Take Action – It Don’t Mean A Thing if You Ain’t Got That Swing

“When I was young – when TV was black and white, phones had dials, extract of malt was an everyday food, and even the most basic of computers was a distant dream – I spent a lot of my time in playgrounds and swing parks. As I’m sure many of you did too. On the swings, the roundabouts, the slides, and the monkey bars. Remember the monkey bars? Two long parallel bars some two metres off the ground with rungs between them. The rungs were spaced just far enough away from each other to make them tricky to reach from one to the next. You started at one end of the bars and to get even half way was an achievement.

How was it done? How did you progress along the rungs and not get stuck? First you had to move. You had to swing in the direction of the next rung; you had to develop some impetus; you had to make an effort, take action. Then you had to reach out towards that next rung. It was tantalisingly close but just too far away to make it easy. You had to swing … and reach … and then commit to an act of supreme faith … you had to reach out with one hand for the next rung and let go of the previous rung with the other.”

This Story is by Nick Owen – A wonderful storyteller who uses metaphors beautifully crafted and thought out to make you think.   I have read a lot of his stories and picked this out whilst thinking about Capital Smiles and our first few projects that we have crowdfunded for. Did our project heroes ‘take action’. I believe so.  They crafted their own idea of how they could help a cause they believed in.  To take action they set these projects up and started fundraising for them.  They swung and ‘let go’ when they decided to try and make it work and raise the money.  And with our first batch of projects starting to close with success they can start to look towards the next rung on their journey.

blogpostnickowenBut the beauty of metaphors is that everyone may take something unique from them.

I wonder what it made you think about 🙂

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