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Joe Atkinson Animal Welfare October 27, 2016 at 5:20 pm
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Project Description

Israel’s huge overpopulation of street cats can be effectively reduced and controlled though adequate spay/neuter/release efforts. The city of Tel Aviv offers free spaying/neutering of street cats to whomever can trap and transport cats to its veterinarian. I aim to trap/transport/release 2 cats per day, 5 days per week, year round.tiny-pet-logo-new-copy-2

The Tiny Pet Rescue is my personal project, which I started from my Tel Aviv apartment in 2010. I rescue, rehabilitate, raise and find homes for orphaned street kittens. Many of my babies come to me while still nursing, and I have become something of an expert on neonatal kitten care. I also work hard to change the public’s attitude toward and understanding of cats in order to improve their status in Israeli society.

photo1Since I started my work, I have seen a huge positive shift in attitude toward cats, which were historically viewed here as pests. I offer much support and advice to others who find kittens and other pets in distress, and write an English-language blog about rescue which helps many others to save lives. I have established myself as a name amongst Israel’s animal rights and rescue community, and feel that I have had a positive impact on the lives of cats and other animals here.My next goal is to help reduce the population of unwanted street cats and to therefore prevent more suffering by trapping and transporting unneutered cats to and from the municipal veterinarian every morning.


The city has a free sterilisation clinic in place, but very limited ability to trap, transport and release the thousands of cats that roam Tel Aviv’s streets. I have organised with the manager of the clinic to reserve 2 spots every day for cats I might trap. That means that I can bring them a total of 520 cats every year, but I cannot afford traps or the bike-drawn carriage I will need for the project.





2 thoughts on “Tiny Pet Rescue – Tel Aviv Street Cat Project

  1. Danni Meyerson

    Thanks to everyone who has donated to my project! As soon as I reach my goal, I’ll buy the equipment and start trapping (though early mornings are NOT my thing 😉

  2. Joe Atkinson

    Congratulations Project Hero Danni and a huge thank you to Ira Bogomolova for the last big donation and helping to get Tiny Pet over the line 🙂

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