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Project Description

Capital Smiles is a unique crowdfunding platform for charitable projects.  We conduct rigours screening, interviews and assessment on each project to ensure that we list the ones with high impact and long-lasting positive effect.  This way, you as a supporter and donator, know that your money will be used effectively.  We call this powerful crowdfunding for charity

The screening also allows us to build up a relationship between the project heroes (the ones that run the projects) and the Capital Smiles team – a collaborative approach where we can combine experiences to give the projects all the possibilities for a great crowdfunding experience, and steer them on how to communicate their vision and end-goal, as well as how to get there.


The aim of this relationship is to foster transparency between organisations and donators, for project heroes to provide a steady stream of feedback and input to the project and the community and also to the Capital Knowledge page.

We are in the early stages after go-live with our first four projects successfully funded.  Below is a testimonial from a project hero from one of the first successfully funded project.  An example we hope show the kind of atmosphere we try to generate on the platform.

‘I’d like to thank Joe and his team at Capital Smiles not only for choosing my project as one of the first four to benefit from CS’s efforts, but for being personable, helpful, friendly, concerned and genuinely good for the entire duration of my involvement with him.  I have had very few professional interactions go as nicely and smoothly as the one I enjoyed with Joe and Capital Smiles.’ Danni Meyerson – Project Hero for TNR project.

We want to build these kind of relationships with our projects heroes, donators and supporters.  We look to do so by providing a more transparent and detailed account for each project from the start of the fundraising to project completion and beyond than any other crowdfunding platform out there.  13692287_10209024216415527_556427471_o

We encourage sharing creativity and knowledge from the people behind these projects with platform users, to really emphasis the required team-effort if we want to see real change.  We want to create a platform base of users interested in charitable projects, helping people, fundraising, donating and sharing ideas.

Given our charitable focus, and that all fees are reinvested into this platform, we would strongly appreciate your:

  • Donation to the platform
  • Spread the word of love by sharing our website/idea – we are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Project Heros – Do you know of a great organisations, person that has a project idea or dream they look to make into reality and need funding? Let them know about us, we would love to have a chat
  • Thoughts – Have any charitable issues that you want to talk about? Or regarding crowdfunding? Maybe you could guest write a blog post on our website, let us know

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