School and kindergarten in Nairobi, Kenya

With your support, the "Family hope children centre" will be able to provide education and lunch to children from some of the poorest families. Education gives these children a chance to be in control of their own future and leave poverty.

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Project Description

In Kenya, being sent home from school because your parents can not afford the school fee is a very common and sad occurrence. Hence, a vicious circle is created where the children do not receive the tools needed get out of poverty.

Family hope children centre was created in the end of 2015 to accommodate children who find themselves in the situation described above.

The school was started by Ebby and Elly who are both very passionate about children and community work. Ebby has worked with several organizations that deal with children support and education. Elly, on the other hand, has worked as a teacher at several schools in Kenya.


At Family hope children center, half of the children will come from families that are not able to pay the tuition fee of 5.5 USD. This may be a small amount, but over half of the Kenyan families cannot afford it. The idea is that a student should never be sent back home due to this. Another major problem is that many of the families cannot afford sufficient food for their children. Without nutrition it is impossible to keep focused and learn. That is why the centre will also provide lunch – to ensure that the children get at least one proper meal a day.

The school has 29 enrolled students today, 14 out of these are paying. With well-established structures this number is bound to increase. The mission is to increase the capacity of the school so that addition children wont go hungry or be denied access to education!


To properly expand the center, this project will look to raise donations to cover the fixed costs such as desks, mattresses and additional kitchen equipment. Distributed as follows:

  • Desks (10) and mattresses (10) – ca 900 USD
  • Kitchen equipment – ca 350 USD

A total of 1,250 USD

By helping this project you are investing in a child’s future and greatest possibility to get him/herself out of poverty.

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Project Hero – Ebby and Elly

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