Angprey School

Providing Education to a Local Community in Cambodia

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Project Description

Note – This project has had its funding goal updated to meet one of the objectives in developing the school.  The money will go towards the stationary costs and some of the admin for Angprey School, which you can see broken down at the bottom of the description.  CLS will continue raising money for the school of Angprey and we will keep you updated in our updates section and in our Capital Knowledge section.

This school will be modelled on the original plan for Chumkriel Language School which has been successfully running and developing for over 10 years using education to support a community.

The CLS mission is to provide quality education and life skills to children as well as supporting the local community.  Although primarily an education initiative the CLS strategy is to help with economic options for families to build sustainability.  CLS’s philosophy is that education can be integrated with basic needs and family support.  We will provide free education in English and Khmer, family support including basic housing, sanitation, water, recreation and hygiene/health activities.

CLS operates as a local non-government organisation (NGO) under licence approved by the ministry of interior, provincial government, district government and commune chief.  CLS is managed by a director who reports to an advisory board and is self-funding through donations from individuals and benefactors.

Angprey is a small village close to Kampot much like Chumkriel was.  Our plan and our vision is to start the school in the same way that Chumkriel was formed and from this to develop further support depending on the needs of the community.  Providing this support and education in the classroom allows us to link with and get to know local families. We can then find out what they need for support as well as giving the children education and inspiring confidence.

CLS started in a single classroom teaching english to 100 children and further developed a learning centre with adjoining agriculture grade and sporting field.  Now it is heavily involved in the community providing support to the locals.  CLS has also developed a learning centre, library, office, soup kitchen and vegetable garden.  There are 12 full time and part time employees including security guard, cook, garden workers, farm manager and IT support.

The following budget has been created to start this in Angprey:

Description Quantity Unite Price Cost per year
Teacher’s salary 4 x12 $90 $4320
Note books 150 $0,5 $75
Pen, ruler 250 $0,25 $62
Amin cost 20 $20 $400
Total per year $4857


For more information on CLS –

A recent picture from a previous school initiative

Mr Thy (project Hero) with children from a village in Kampot and a volunteer for CLS

Mr Thy (Project Hero) with children from CLS

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