Fundraising – Top Tips for our Crowdfunding Platform

Our Project Heros have been the driving force and energy behind the fundraising for their crowdfunding campaigns.  Here are their top ideas/tips for successfully fundraising your campaign with the Capital Smiles team –

  • Before you go live – Engage with your crowd also before the project is up and running, let people know what you are planning to do and engage with your them on all social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  Reach out to your closest friends and family to ensure you have momentum and donations already on the first day of your campaign.  Divide up your crowd into three groups; promoters, fundraisers and donors
    • Promotors will share your campaign on social media and work as ambassadors for the initiative
    • Fundraisers will help solicit for donations using peer-to-peer fundraising
    • Donors will contribute to your campaign. If you have a project that you strongly believe in, then there is a good chance many people in your life will eagerly want to support you.


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  • Social Media Presence – Capital Smiles will conduct marketing on behalf of your project on our social media platforms/connections, but it is crucially important that you do marketing yourself and share these updates to connect people in your social network to the project. Make it easy for your fundraisers and supporters to see your story, and try making your campaign as personal as possible.
  • Produce a Video – If you don’t already have a video clip related to your project then this could give visitors a better visualisation of your project, and what you are trying to achieve with their support
  • Love your Donors – Are there any rewards/gifts/recognition that you can offer to funders e.g. cards or personal-updates?  Remember that people who support your project are in for the long-run and will like to see progress! The Capital Knowledge page will be up and running soon and will provide a valuable tool to share your story, learn about similar campaigns and to keep you connected with your donors, past and present!

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  • Add to the Story – Stories can really engage your audience and add an extra level to your crowdfunding campaign. Any anecdotes or stories that you have or come to mind that we can share on your campaign can add great traction to donations.
  • Events – Hold an event for your campaign. This does not need to be anything extravagant, but can just be a simple get together.  Something where you can share your enthusiasm for the project.  This can be done before, during or after the campaign (or all 3).


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And throughout all of these provide the energy and love to what you are doing or plan to do, so it’s infectious.  The Capital Smiles Team will be 100% behind you and together we can help your project get the start that it needs!  And of course, this list is not exhaustible, but in our experience so far these are some of the most important drivers for a successful project!


Much Love,
Capital Smiles