Capital Smiles is Live – Why are we doing this?

Welcome to the Capital Smiles Blog We are now up and running and raising money for four amazing projects in three different continents.  Thank you to everyone that has supported the page and helped out with the beta testing and if you’re interested in finding out why we are doing this have a read of this article below from theread more

Capital Smiles Crowdfunding Meets Joe

Bjorn had stayed with me through Airbnb and we quickly became good friends and squash buddies where games would normally be followed by chicken wings and beer. It was here when we would sometimes dream about project ideas and crowdfunding them.  Apps for stopping terrorism, travelling adventures and other madcap ideas. Sometimes completely bonkers and done with a hint more

A Family Addition From Brazil

I was a few months into my third year of studying engineering, after changing environment from Stockholm to Rio de Janeiro definitely made my life more exciting but I was still feeling a bit bored at the school bench and I especially felt a disconnection between the subjects I was studying and reality. I was constantly thinking of starting something,read more

The Crazy Phone Call

It was a dark and cold night in the middle of mars when I got a call. On the other side of the line was Björn. It was one of the most interesting calls I have ever received.  Björn and I have known each other for years and just a couple of days earlier we met over dinner.  A coupleread more

Where Did The Teddy Bear Come From?

It all started in early 2016, I was watching the refugee crisis in Europe, and how several great charities mobilised to supply food, drinks and shelter. What struck me was that many of the families had lost everything and consequently how the children must be feeling terribly lonely and afraid – and how very few initiatives seemed focused on these poor children.   Whenread more

Welcome To Charity Crowdfunding Blog

Great to see you, and welcome to Capital Smiles, a new way to do charity crowdfunding. Capital Smiles is a crowdfunding platform for charities, project heroes, funders and people interested in helping a good cause.  The idea originating from Bjorn, spread out amongst friends and colleagues began in 2016.  What better way to kick off this journey then with aread more