The Capital Smiles way

Capital Smiles mission is to connect projects and charities with similar-minded donators and philanthropists on a digital platform in an inclusive, transparent, trusted and fun way. Every project will be screened and undergo a thorough due diligence prior to being listed.

Capital Smiles empowers all parties involved and encourages collaboration in the sense that supporters are able to take an active role in the projects via a strong community - as well as via project updates such as videos, pictures and comments throughout the life of the project.

Highlighted Projects

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Key principles

  • Collaborative & Inclusive

    Multiple ways to make a real impact together, and we encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing to increase the success rate of future projects
  • Security & Due diligence

    Donations are handled by PayPal & Stripe and no credit card details will be stored by us. All projects have successfully passed criteria for on-boarding and listing approval
  • Important & Cost-efficient

    All listed projects will make a great impact for people in need of your support. We charge a modest fee to cover cost of operations and further developments